Lighthouse Senior Care Consultants

Care Management

The Aging Life Care Professional assists clients in attaining their maximum functional potential. The individual’s independence is encouraged, while safety and security concerns are also addressed. Aging Life Care Professionals are able to address a broad range of issues related to the well-being of their client. They also have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality, and availability of resources in their communities.

We offer the following short- and long-term services:

Advocacy, Crisis Management, Intervention:

  • Crisis management and advocacy for our clients in various settings (home, hospital, nursing homes, assisted living communities).
  • We advocate for our clients who need assistance getting the care they deserve and need.

Initial and Ongoing Assessments

  • Conduct comprehensive assessments of the client’s current situation that includes the following assessment areas:  nursing/medical, cognitive, social, functional, safety, home safety, and basic review of financial resources.

Care Plan Development and Monitoring

  • Develop a care plan with both short-term and long-term goals. 
  • Execute care plan recommendations as requested.

Care Support and Medical Management

  • Provide care support for local and long-distance relatives and act as a liaison between medical, healthcare and other professionals.
  • Arrange and attend doctor appointments, therapy appointments or medical procedures.
  • Monitor the client’s adherence to medical orders and instructions.
  • Coordination and monitoring of service providers.

Communication with Family Members and Professionals

  • Facilitate communication between providers, the client and family.
  • Keep family members and professionals informed as to well-being and changing needs of the client.

Dementia Training

  • Provide dementia training and education to clients and their loved ones.
  • Help facilitate an understanding of dementia, the disease process,  caregiver stress and how to deal with it.  

Driving Transitions

  • Assist the client and their family with driving transitions.

Home Care Services Monitoring and Recommendations

  • Determination of the types of home care services that are appropriate for the client.
  • Assist our clients with engaging home care services as needed.

Housing and Relocation

  • Help the client and family evaluate and select appropriate levels of care and residential options, e.g. independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing facility, etc.
  • Assist the client with moving and relocation logistics.
  • Assist the client with transitioning into a new home.


  • Provide referrals to or consult with an elder law attorney.
  • Provide expert reports to support determining care needs for legal hearings.
  • Provide expert testimony in the Commonwealth of Virginia court as needed for legal proceedings.

Life Care Planning

  • Provide assistance with life care planning before a crisis occurs.
  • Discuss housing and care options, identify decision makers, and  review paperwork to ensure your wishes are understood and followed.

On-Call Support

  • Provide on-call round the clock support as needed


  • Provide referral information to outside providers for client’s needs (care givers, home modifications, housing, support groups, etc.)

Safety and Security

  • Monitor the client at home by observing changes and identifying potential risks of exploitation or abuse.
  • Make recommendations to add to security, safety, or other technologies.


  • Coordinate transportation services in conjunction with one or more of the above services, including accompanying client to and from medical, social or other appointments and activities.