Lighthouse Senior Care Consultants


Shelle Wightman, MSHS, CDP

Shelle found that her true calling was caring for the elderly only after she began her career helping children as an elementary school teacher. She has helped seniors throughout her life. As a young child, she would accompany her grandmother on social visits to elderly neighbors to cheer them up. Shelle’s educational background also reflects her interest in caring for seniors. She earned her master’s degree in Family Studies and Human Services with an emphasis in Gerontology (the study of aging). She brings a compassionate approach to her Enrichment Services backed by her education and life experiences. In addition to her education, her certification as a Dementia Practitioner helps to ensure that clients receive appropriate cognitive stimulation during their meetings. She views every activity, conversation and time spent listening as a meaningful moment that provides fulfillment and a foundation for excellent elder care. Having a simple conversation about the weather could help someone recall a childhood memory about sledding in the snow, which can brighten one’s day and bring a smile to their face. She is committed to engaging with each client on a personal level. She brings a unique set of personal experiences to empathize and connect with her clients. Shelle has a deep love for people, and uses her kindness and sense of humor to bring joy to the daily lives of her clients.