Lighthouse Senior Care Consultants


Brooke Templeton, BSP

Like many, Brooke’s experience in providing senior care began at home with members of her own family. Growing up observing and assisting her parents as caregivers gave her a compassionate perspective for how complex the process of caring for a loved one can be as they age. It is an experience that helped shape the care Brooke aims to provide for her clients, attention that feels personal and familiar during a process that is continually changing. Brooke’s degree in psychology and background in psychosocial rehabilitation offer a thoughtful and accommodating approach to enriching and safeguarding the care our clients receive. Her time spent providing tactics for daily living and interacting to patients in a psychiatric treatment facility give her a background diverse in the variable levels of functionality. What she enjoys most about her work is the relationships she has gained with each client and family member. Brooke’s passion for the person guide how she spends her time with each client, ensuring they feel seen, heard, and valued.