Lighthouse Senior Care Consultants


Amber Medgyessy, RT(R)(CT)(ARRT), CDP

Amber Medgyessy is a licensed advanced medical imaging professional who has worked in healthcare since 2001.  She has served a very diverse community in that time, but she found her real purpose in the care for the senior population.  As a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Aging Life Care Professional™, Amber has experience and expertise caring for this exceptional group. She also has extensive involvement as a community advocate, ombudsman mentor, and nonprofit founder to help connect families to resources at home and abroad.  

Amber specializes in resourceful, flexible, and client centered care.  She links seniors to top tier medical providers and ensures that their treatment plans are properly coordinated and communicated.  Amber works with families and seniors to navigate difficult decisions and helps to find creative solutions for the best outcomes.  Amber is a participating member of local aging life care groups to stay connected to the ever-changing resources in the DMV area.  Her passion is helping seniors thrive! “My experiences in the hospital setting brought me into patient care at all stages of life.  As I worked more with seniors, I realized that their needs were as unique as the patients themselves.  Many of these patients were rushed through exams and had their voices quieted in the clinical setting.  That discovery led me to become a staunch advocate for this patient group in the clinical environment.  As I intentionally slowed my pace and listened to my patients, I was gifted with many beautiful conversations of lifetimes lived, wise advice, and sweet encouragement.  It was in these exchanges when I realized that my calling was in the service of the geriatric community.  Senior citizens are a special group that require a little more attention for whole person wellness and are well served by a strong advocate.  It is my passion to support my clients so that they can live their best lives.”